06/18/2010 – Lecture „Children and young people safe on the Internet“ – exciting and informative

Our first information evening in the Martinushaus Aschaffenburg on June 10th, 2010 on the current topic “Children and young people are safe on the Internet” was a great success. Very well attended, informative and exciting.

Our guests were mainly parents and legal guardians.

Nico Kablau and Marcell Imhof, co-moderators, showed you practical ways of using the Internet safely and how to protect children and young people in particular from the dangers and pitfalls of the Internet.

From now on, terms such as social networks, pedophilia, file sharing or messenger programs are no longer unknown to our guests. From now on you can assess how it is used and, above all, control it towards your children if necessary.

At the end there was a voucher to be redeemed when purchasing the child safety program from the Salfeld company. All details can be found in our products area.

We would like to thank all participants for your visit and the exciting discussion.