IT outsourcing

Have you ever toyed with the idea of outsourcing certain segments of your company and concentrating on your core competencies?

Especially in the IT sector, functional and modern solutions require a large degree of professional competence and investment of capital in the form of modern hardware, software licenses but also the personal presence of administrators.

We structure your work processes with you, record essential standards, develop individual, specialized systems and take on all tasks as a full service provider – from order acceptance through processing to logistics.

Take advantage of the benefits of working with a competent partner. Concentrate on your core competencies – we take care of the technology.

Strategic decision reasons for outsourcing
  • Greater focus on your own core competencies
  • Lack of know-how or qualified employees
  • Higher power and better performance
  • Optimal scalability
  • Cost effectiveness / cost reduction through lower total cost of ownership
  • IT costs clearly calculable
  • Mobility of jobs and data
  • Faster reaction to changes
  • No own investments (software, hardware, new technologies)
  • Clearly defined contact persons
  • Simpler clients, extended life cycle of the current installed clients
  • End user productivity gains
Potential savings with outsourcing
  • Savings in personnel costs (vacation, illness, further training measures)
  • Clearly limited total operating costs can be budgeted per user and month
  • Maintenance and support expenses for the operation of the server
  • Benefit from simplified access to the applications via remote access by authorized users