network security

Network security is not a single fixed term, but encompasses all measures for planning, executing and monitoring security in networks. These measures are by no means only of a technical nature, but contain both organizational and operational issues and ultimately end with legal issues. Together with you, we will examine the most important questions:

  • How do you create company guidelines (policies) that regulate everything clearly?
  • How can you successfully apply security in your company without disrupting your operations?
  • Which measures may be used from a legal point of view?

Disk Encryption

Stored information is one of the most important assets of a company. Since more and more confidential and valuable data travels with the employees, the protection of sensitive company data is more important than ever.

If the mobile devices or data carriers are not adequately protected, a thief could, for example:


  • boot a PC via an external medium such as a CD or USB memory stick and thus access all stored data
  • spy on confidential documents and information and use them for their own benefit or sell them to third parties
  • use the PC or data carrier for the unwanted import of data and thus inject unwanted Trojans or viruses that endanger the system stability
  • Publish confidential company and customer data

In order to be able to effectively counteract these threats, it is recommended for companies to use hard disk encryption to protect the entire data medium of PCs or notebooks, in order to protect all data including Protect the operating system and applications against changes or unauthorized spying.

Hard drive wipe and hard drive destruction

You don’t have to worry about anything, because we ensure that your data is reliably deleted. Before you have to laboriously delete the data from your hard disks, which sometimes takes several days, and then have them sent for final destruction, talk to us first. Of course, the whole thing is interesting for companies with large numbers of hard disks, where the deletion alone could cost several hundred or even thousands of euros. Our offer to you:

  • You send us your hard drives to be destroyed
  • We will send hard disk drives that are no longer usable or defective to a data destruction facility (Degausser).
  • We will erase functioning hard disk media using the US Standard DoD S220.22-M with four passes.
  • We will then certify the final destruction or erasure of the hard drive with the type, manufacturer, model and serial number!


From now on, hard disk data carriers sent in will automatically become our property, as they are destroyed and cannot be used.