July 1st, 2009 – IT-Imhof dinner theater 2009

We say thank you!“

That evening it was „Ship ahoy!“ for our guests and our team when we signed on the „Boring Mary“ under Captain Bonebreaker.

But not everything went as planned on our first trip. We fished a mysterious beauty out of the sea with an even more mysterious map: This pointed the way to Captain Backbeard’s legendary treasure. Captain Bonebreaker was unstoppable. The treasure had to be found!

A great adventure began. Because not only the dreaded sea witch Mandarna stood between us and the treasure. The mysterious beauty and the first mate Scurvy also pursued their own goals…

It wasn’t enough to just watch, everyone had to lend a hand: scrub the deck, distribute rum, determine the course and… For refreshment, the Weyberbräu kitchen served delicious food.

For our team it was an all-round successful evening in a relaxed atmosphere and we would like to thank all guests again for this beautiful experience.