Project management, planning and implementation

Project management is our competence and your potential for success. We examine with you your external and internal factors that influence the requirements of the project management process:

  • External factors result from your market environment and the form of cooperation with your customers in the respective business areas.
  • The internal factors are based on your existing business processes and existing project management processes.

The main challenge is to introduce the project management process successfully and sustainably. We plan and accompany you from the introduction of the project to its implementation in close cooperation with you. We would also be happy to accompany you in the long term in the continuous improvement of the processes in order to ensure your long-term success. An overview of the classic project phases and our services can be found below:

project definition

We carry out a project analysis with you, which considers problems and potentials. Objectives are clarified (contents, costs, extent and time) and the aforementioned are supplemented with a feasibility study.

project planning

In this phase, we organize the team together with you and define the tasks, the process, deadlines, capacities, communication, cost plans, quality and risk management with you. So-called milestones play an important role here.

project implementation

Apart from the implementation itself, the progress of the project is monitored and events that disrupt the project are reacted to. Current or future deviations then lead to corrective measures, so that we can keep an eye on everything together with you.

project completion

We present the results to you, the project result is handed over to you in a documented form, and all phases are reflected in a joint review from your point of view and ours.