Seminars, training courses and workshops

Every company has its individual need for know-how transfer, depending on the level of knowledge of the employees and the objectives.

Standard seminars are therefore often not enough. Seminars must be flexible, target group-oriented and needs-based.

No matter whether you want to deepen your knowledge, optimize projects or acquire further qualifications – with our individual training and resources you will achieve your goal.

Our courses are based on practice-oriented, comprehensible scenarios. Within a very short time you will benefit from new technological standards and work significantly more productively.

Individual training concept

Before the start of the course, we coordinate the complete content and your preferred learning method with you and your employees. Practical examples from your operations can be integrated into the training concept. In this way, optimal learning success is guaranteed.

Optimized duration and individual appointments

Due to the focus on the essentials, the duration of the training is usually shorter than in an open course or the time can be used more intensively. The appointments are coordinated with you individually so that your business processes are not affected. For this reason, you also have the opportunity with us to train your employees on evening and weekend appointments. If desired, the training can also take place at your site, so that the downtime of your employees is minimized.

Advantage through experience

Our speakers are experienced project employees. They not only want to convey the theoretical knowledge to you, but can also use their experience in practical application to explain the topic to you in a simple and understandable way.


Instead of a seminar price per participant, we charge you a fixed daily rate for one of our company seminars. This rate is independent of the number of course participants. In this way, you as a company have the advantage of getting the maximum benefit for a one-time investment. You decide whether, for example, you would like your employee’s substitute to take part in the training in order to receive the best possible know-how transfer.