Creation of expert opinions

A subject matter expert is an expert in a specific field. As an IT expert, Mr. Marcell Imhof works as an appraiser or consultant for courts, insurance companies, companies or individuals.

You as the client will be supported by him in your decision-making processes. Many years of experience and professional competence are the solid basis for this.

The duties of an expert include:


An audit is generally an investigation procedure that is used to analyze process flows or conditions. Today, audits are carried out in almost all areas of companies or organizations.

Depending on the area, the current status is analyzed during an audit or a comparison of the original goal with the goals actually achieved is determined.

Topics include:

  • finance
  • information management
  • production processes
  • customer management
  • quality management
  • job satisfaction

An audit is used to identify general problems or need for improvement, to analyze them and then ultimately to find solutions.


An expert opinion is a formal, binding and written statement by an expert. It contains a generally trustworthy assessment of a fact or the evaluation of an object with regard to a question or a given goal.

The report primarily refers to what has happened or is currently given and thus the documentation of a condition, for example after damage, in order to be able to prove this completely in a suitable manner for the future.


Mediation is a negotiation between conflicting parties in the presence of a neutral expert. He leads the negotiations according to a structured process and looks for an out-of-court way of resolving the conflict, taking into account all personal and factual aspects.

Problems in business can escalate to the point where they eventually lead to a lawsuit. Even if the existing problem has been resolved, this may result in proceedings for the determination of penalties, damages or termination of contracts.

It has been shown again and again that courts are only partially suitable for clarifying such complex issues as are usually the case with modern information technologies.

Mediation strives for a result-related solution, personal, voluntary and worked out by all parties involved.

arbitration opinion

Growing complexity of technical systems and insufficient developer and user qualifications lead to complications in real use.

The arbitration report is the opinion of an independent and impartial expert on a matter disputed between the parties. The parties receive a binding clarification of the dispute that has arisen during the execution of the contract and avoid complex court proceedings.

While an expert opinion or mediation only represents a decision-making aid for the parties, the arbitrator’s expert opinion stipulates from the outset that the result is binding for both parties.