Would you like to explain to your customers every week that you can’t create offers because your printer isn’t working again? Remember, the choice of your hardware plays a crucial role in positioning your company in a fail-safe and future-proof manner.

To ensure the availability of your systems, talk to us. We only sell hardware components from leading manufacturers (Brother, Compaq, HP, IBM; Microsoft, Novell, etc.) and can therefore offer you the greatest possible reliability.

With us you get everything you need for a stable IT infrastructure, from keyboards to screens to server cabinets.


However, stable systems also require the necessary software. From box products to volume license programs from all well-known manufacturers, our offer is tailored to your needs.

Thanks to many years of experience in the software sector, we will conduct a consultation with you in order to avoid under- or over-licensing.

This saves you time and money and you are on the safe side with our professional advice.